Just kidding...

I hate when I doubt myself and my talent. You know, when you you hit a slump and you start hearing in the back of your head. "who are you kidding, you're not an artist, you just make stuff."
I was bummed because I only sold 3 of those wee art quilty ornaments at the Clay Squared show and my recycled sweater purses are always big comment getters but no one buys them at shows.

But then... I start work on something like this:

I find out the sweater bags ARE selling in San Fransisco, I will have dolls published in the Feb. issue of Legacy and I just got accepted to Craftstravaganza.

In the spirit of waking my muse and shutting down the critic, I updated my Etsy shop with some new buttons and a few of those wee art quilties. If you don't see one listed that you like, take a look at them all here and drop me a note, chances are, it's still available.

Post # 177...

So 1 year ago today I started this blog. Why? Why not? It seemed like a good way to spread my Sassy-ness around a bit more and I have met some wonderfully cool folks. I have learned so much (but my typing still sucks) and been super inspired.
So thank you to everyone who stops by to see what I have to say. Feel free to leave a comment, let me know you are really out there and not just figments of my stat counter.

To celebrate I will be loading my Etsy shop with goodies all week. If you mention "Happy Birthday" in the comments section of your order, I will send along a little extra thank you.
More sweater purses and clutches plus some fabric postcards are all on deck.

Pile o' wool...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, more friggin' sweaters (and a few blankets) to felt. My purses will be for sale at the annual Holiday Lights Boutique on November 18 in Hopkins, Mn and will soon be available at Lower Hater
in San Francisco. I have a bunch of work ahead of me but I so love the creating and sewing.

The wool all came from a day out with my sis. we went shopping and dining to celebrate the anniverasy of my birth. I am officially 39 now. I'm looking forward to the year ahead. I have some amazing things lined up and interesting projects in the works.

Before I get back to work I wanted to show you the fabrics I picked up at crafty Planet the other day. Just a wee present for my self. I am so energized by all the cool fabrics available. I get giddy when I think about all the possibilties. I will be working hard this year to move forward and create when ever possible and try to push past the idea of possibilties. I want to make my fabrics and ephemera less precious.

Now all I need to do is figure out a way to balance all this art running around my head and caring for my family.