Just kidding...

I hate when I doubt myself and my talent. You know, when you you hit a slump and you start hearing in the back of your head. "who are you kidding, you're not an artist, you just make stuff."
I was bummed because I only sold 3 of those wee art quilty ornaments at the Clay Squared show and my recycled sweater purses are always big comment getters but no one buys them at shows.

But then... I start work on something like this:

I find out the sweater bags ARE selling in San Fransisco, I will have dolls published in the Feb. issue of Legacy and I just got accepted to Craftstravaganza.

In the spirit of waking my muse and shutting down the critic, I updated my Etsy shop with some new buttons and a few of those wee art quilties. If you don't see one listed that you like, take a look at them all here and drop me a note, chances are, it's still available.