beginning to see a pattern...

As I get closer to a show, my blogging falls behind. This Saturday is the Holiday lights boutique at Eisenhower School in Hopkins. I will have a ton of sweater purses and other goodies.

While working on the purses I started to pull fabric for the linings and as I got going it became very clear that I have a lot of fabric! It looked like my studio threw up.

So after a quick tidy and re org, I was on my way.

Z and took a walk this morning and ended up at the thrift store (imagine that) I FINALLY found an electric fry pan!

Now I can play with emulsion lifts. Here is a quickie on I did, just to see if it would work, and it does! Yahoo!

Pile o' wool...

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, more friggin' sweaters (and a few blankets) to felt. My purses will be for sale at the annual Holiday Lights Boutique on November 18 in Hopkins, Mn and will soon be available at Lower Hater
in San Francisco. I have a bunch of work ahead of me but I so love the creating and sewing.

The wool all came from a day out with my sis. we went shopping and dining to celebrate the anniverasy of my birth. I am officially 39 now. I'm looking forward to the year ahead. I have some amazing things lined up and interesting projects in the works.

Before I get back to work I wanted to show you the fabrics I picked up at crafty Planet the other day. Just a wee present for my self. I am so energized by all the cool fabrics available. I get giddy when I think about all the possibilties. I will be working hard this year to move forward and create when ever possible and try to push past the idea of possibilties. I want to make my fabrics and ephemera less precious.

Now all I need to do is figure out a way to balance all this art running around my head and caring for my family.

Let us speak of purses and planes...

Here are all the purses I was working on last weekend. I will be vending tonight at a fundraiser for breast cancer. A portion of my sales will be donated as well as the proceeds from a raffle the event host is sponsoring.

And that thing about planes, well my hubby informed me I need to be at the airport tomorrow morning at 9 am so I can fly out and meet him in San Francisco for a quick weekend get away. We will get back just in time to celebrate Robyn's 9th birthday!
Yes, I will take pictures and report on our adventures when I get back. For those of you new to this blog, hubby is known for these little flings, you can read about the last one, here.
Talk to you all on Monday!
Be good while I am away!


It's Columbus Day. No mail today. Sorry. I will have everything labeled and ready to go tomorrow.

As far as the weekend went, it was fabulous. I highly recommend sending away your family and staying home all by yourself (just for a weekend though, it started being TOO quiet). I sewed my little arms off, creating 8 sweater hand bags, need to finish putting in the linings (I ran out of interfacing) watched The Princess Diaries 2 and Kinky Boots ( odd combo, I know) ate moo shu pork and egg foo young, got decent amounts of sleep and and had a really long hot shower. I needed the shower, I was able to stay in my pj's from Friday night until Sunday afternoon.

Right then, back to work!