Where the hell have I been...

A vaild question indeed. I have been right here working my ass off.

I am sure you figured out I always make the halloween costumes, right? Here are this year's
Robyn's is based on a drawing she did( with some minor alterations by mom)

and Q's is all about the light saber.

He was a knight last year so I had to relent on the whole weapon thing but I do draw the line at guns, we shall have none of that, thank you very much.

Z is just doing her thing, she found a tutu in the dress up box and we just went with it. The girl loves to twirl!

I also whipped up a t shirt for myself. I am totally digging this raw edge applique look.

On another note I am finishing up wee quilty ornaments for the
Fourth Annual Made in Minnesota Show My plan is to have 25 so I best get back to it. I am going to set them up on Sunday, I'll try and remeber top take some pictures.