More on the whole 20 year thing...

Me in turquoise and beaded mules. The handbag was a huge hit, I expect we will see more of this thing in the future, order one today and be at the forefront of a trend! (wow, that shameless plug sort of just fell out)

The jewelry included simple chocolate brown pearl earrings, a pendant of brown pearl and turquoise and this gorgeous bracelet.

Here's a few shots of the evening (would have had more but there was this lovely Pinot Grigio and it was hard to juggle the glass and the camera and still be able to hug people)...

Here I am with Janel (from grade school) and Lynn and Lisa (from junior high)

This is sarah. We met in 1st grade (she was the shortest person in class, and I was the tallest)

This fairly un attractive angle is a self portait of sorts (longs arms are great for this sort of thing.) That's Jim, our class president and Jeff, the newspaper photographer (I was on the yearbook).

Some people may pine for their youth (maybe I miss my waistline a little) and "the good old days" but I have really enjoyed getting older, the experiences and the knowledge to appreciate those experiences has been a blast. I was chatting with some of my friends about the idea of turning 40 and we are actually excited and we definately don't believe in the whole "over the hill" crap.

So from a "Gen Xer" I have become, more or less, a "GRUP".

As I stated in my Senior will, "look out world, here I come!"