20 years...

and I so do not feel like a grown up!
I attended my 20th high school reunion over the weekend and what a trip! Lots of folks told me the women will all look great and the men not so much. I gotta tell ya though, for the most part, this group of folks really aged well.
Not only did I get to catch up with people I graduated with, I was able to hook up wth people I have known since 1st grade and so many friends from junior high as well. I was really lucky to attend neighborhood schools so we all went on to the same schools, year after year.
This is one of the reasons my hubby and I chose to live in Hopkins, we hope our kids can have the same sense of continuity.
It was really wonderful to see that many of the people I hung out with, were so happy in their lives. I hung out with the theatre crowd and other alternative types, we tended to be a little "different" ie, we had opinions and politics and didn't buy the high school BS and guess what, we are now having the time of our lives!
I think every high school should have a giant sign that reads "get over it, none of this will matter!"
You know the kids that were the most popular, partied all the time and just seemed to be "it" well I was right, they had peaked back then and as a result of 20 years of smoking and drinking, they looked like shit and they still wouldn't talk to some of us, OMG! too funny.
I was quite flattered by the number of people who told me I was one of the people they hoped to see again that night and I felt down right loved whenI saw faces light up when they saw me.
I am hoping I am able to rekindle some of these friendships, Saturday was the first time I had seen many of these people in 20 years an so many of us live within a 15 mile radius.
Once again, I am reminded of how incredibly lucky I am and how very blessed. It's been a struggle sometimes but I am living my true life and it's an amazing feeling.

Hubby attended his reunion as well. No one could believe that A. he was a computer guy, B. Married and 3. had kids! Can you blame them though...