Testing, is this thing on...

I'm back, i think. Apparently there was something wrong with the "flux capacitor", the tech was surprised we had any access at all. More bits need to be replaced and that cable still needs to be buried but I am now able to get email and surf the web.
So, how's by you? It's been hotter than Hades here because I am sure they don't have humidity in Hell.
I spent Saturday morning in a tent at our local farmer's market, the art center hosts various artists in it each weekend. We sell some stuff and talk up the art center, not a bad gig especially since I don't have to worry about making my booth fee. Which I didn't. I made $2!
People seemed interested and wanted to know when I would be back, July 29th, if you are in the area.

Here's my booth set up...

I had purses, wristlets, beaded amulet bags, fabric posy pins and tissue holders. It's been a really long time since I did a show with only finished work. I think I will be doing some fabric postcards and other bits with my photography. It was fun, I shared the space with a woman who does acrylic on canvas, we had a lot of great conversation. But damn, it was HOT!