How to show off your kids...

and look super arty at the same time. Make a handbag! Specifically a wristlet.
My 20 year high school reunion is coming up in about 3 weeks and I am strangely excited to attend. I had a decent time in high school, especially senior year, had the darkroom to myself a lot and did some great work back then.

Didn't hang out with tons of folks from school because my peeps were all Renaissance festival folks (and they still are, more or less) Because I wasn't stuck in the microcosm that was WHS, I knew even back then that all the drama that occurred really would not mean that much in the future. There are some folks I will be happy to see and quite a few I am dying to see what has become of them, (you know the ones, that peaked at 18) I'll let you know how it goes.

I have a great silk dress in turquoise and brown/black and brown beaded heels so I did the bag in chocolate dupioni silk. The photo is printed in sepia on 200 count fabric and is totally lush. The bag measures about 8" x 5". There is a small pocket inside for ID and cash and just enough room for cell phone, lip gloss and keys.