New hair...

I had just planned on a trim and de thatching, so to speak (I am still growing in hair from the last pregnancy) but I suddenly developed a pretty severe case of what the hell. I love my stylist and trust her implicity. I knew that "what the hell" to her would still mean right for me and my life style.

I used to just get trims at a cheapy place and kept my hair all one length with self cut bangs. (Eww) I have too much hair for that look. I LOVE watching What Not To Wear and it finally dawned on me what a good (and expensive) haircut from an experienced stylist could do for me, throw in a fabulous colorist and I am one hot mama! If I didn't have my hair colored I would look over well 40 and that is not an exaggeration. I am about 60% gray under all that ginger snap color covering my folicles.

here's the new 'do...
She took off about 3 inches and there are tons of layers in there now.
All that body and curl is thanks to my kids. Prior to giving birth I had stick straight, Marcia Brady hair, take a look at my little kindergarten photo up by my profile.
Ok, so enough about me, how are You doing? hee hee!