Now the crafty goodness...

The internet is full of super cute stuff to make. Every once in a while i need a break from full out "creating" and just play and make something fun and fast. So the other day I made a pin cushion.
The tutorial was posted on, check it out!
Robyn's comment was "Momma, it's so pretty, I thought you bought it!" That is a compliment, right?

Next, because I had worn out my slippers from IKEA I made new ones from some of the goodies yesterday, revel in their psuedo ugly but so sweet demeanor... And yes, my feet are really big.

Robyn wanted in on all the creating and needed to work on a project for her Colonial unit at school. So we made dolls, simple rag dolls in 2 sizes...

Off for a hair cut, more of a trim actaully, have a great night!