Show Stuff...

So here's the table set up. The table coverings are from back when I use to do craft shows in the early 90's, working under the name Alice's Cat (obscure reference to Alice In Wonderland)

Here's a close up of the truly awesome bag stand my dad whipped up for me last week. It stands 36" tall with 3 pegs per side, it breaks down for travel and I found lazy susan at the thrift store so the stand can even rotate. I sold 3 of the 4 sweater purses that I took with me and the mohair one was a huge hit, I NEED to find more in that color. The other beady supplies( doll forms and polymer clay face cabs) I had to offer were a little slow to move. It was suggested that maybe my target market would be quilters as opposed to beaders, especially since there are so many stringers out there and bead embroidery can seem daunting at first. So I am on the look out for other venues. I will be in Seattle at artFiberfest in June and that will be a blast and shopping will be open to the public this year.
The Twin Cities Bead Bazaar had lots of lampworkers and gemstones, but very few seed beads but I did manage to pick up some French seed beads I didn't have and the most wonderful colors of vinatge nailheads I have ever seen. I also got a ceramic button for that lovely red sweater bag, looks even better than the giant orange plastic one. Ceramic button is from Jangles. I will have another of her buttons to show you tomorrow. Now I must start the bedtime routine.

P.S. Red purse is available for $35.00 plus shipping.