Overwhelmed at the idea of unpacking...

The bazaar went ok this weekend. I made a little cash, networked, got some bag orders but now I have to unpack and tidy up. I have been gone all day. Got called up for a focus group. I love these. I get to have grown up conversation, they usually have food, they want my opinion and I get paid! Turns out they didn't need me after all but I still got paid!!! I headed off to West Photo and finally picked up some more polaroid film for transfers, I hope to play some next wek with those.
I'll have pictures of my booth tomorrow and more details about what sold.

Got a call from my dad a bit ago. He was thrifting and wanted to know if I wanted a plum wool sweater with multistripes, for felting, said it was dry clean only. How cool is that! I LOVE my dad!