Cute Spring Clothes...

Oh how I yearn! The lighter fabrics, the breeze on my ankles. Cute slip on shoes in candy colors. It's cold here and it sucks.
I have decided to try my hand at making some skirts for this year. I stopped at Crafty Planet yesterday, ***danger Will Robinson, danger***! I finally got to see and feel all those lovely repro fabrics everyone has been using. I would love to try some of those cottons in a little knee length skirt. I just need to find the right pattern. As I wandered thru WalMart today (yeah, I know...) I stopped in the fabric and craft section, (ya never know what you will find) and I saw this! #4236

It even comes in my size! I will have to modify it a bit because I am so dang tall and knee length for most folks is nearly a mini on me. But check out the pink fabric with the cityscape! I emailed Simplicity today to see where to get that awesome panel for the skirt and would you believe it's available at Wal Mart and JoAnne's?
I am stoked. It's been a long time since I made any clothes for myself but I am sensing some serious sewing coming up. Maybe some matching sundresses for the girls, like these???