Valentine mania!!!

We had my nephew over this weekend to make valentine's for all the classmates. Between the three big kids, they had to make 75+ cards! My sister and I refuse to buy the lame packs of cards available at this time of the year so we always make our own. This year was potato printing. We also tried the end of a celery stalk, to make a rose but it didn't quite work. After they dried the cards were further embellished with stickers and glitter gel pens. The kids were so excited to use MY supplies, usually they have to use just their stuff and for some reason we haven't gotten them any gel pens yet, I guess I should watch for a sale at Michael's. The boys got bored after a bit, Quinn ended up going for a minimalist look. Once the paint brushes came out, Lukas was able to hang in till the end. Robyn worked on her's in two batches. She was having a blast. If she could, she would ART 24/7. She is always drawing pictures and wanting to make stuff. She has started learning embroidery and machine sewing. Not to be outdone, Q is also learning embroidery.