I love turquoise!!!!

I always have. My favorite jewelry catalog is from Sundance, that stuff rocks (sorry, bad pun).
I have a friend that does lampwork and at the last Twin Cities Bead Bazaar (bizarre) she also had some Sterling Silver pieces. She has started doing those ID style bars with stamped words on them, oh, boy I am in heaven. I ordered a "goddess" natch and it arrived yesterday. I immediately had to string it up with turquoise, pearls and moonstone. Talk about yummy. The stone combo is similar to a bracelet another friend made for me that I adore (the friend and the bracelet). I also made earrings and a necklace, it was a stringing frenzy I tell ya. I even figured out how to do the wrapped headpin thingies. Never mind the fact that the directions have been in every bead mag I have purchased in the last 3 years (remember I don't read directions)