You say dresser, I say buffet...

I bought this fugly dresser from an antique store near my house. It is NOT an antique and the little man that sold it to me was so proud of the paint job he had done on it. For $20 bucks I wasn't going to argue with him OR tell him I was going to re do the whole thing.

(Yes, that's a "girly" screwdriver sitting on top, my dad gave it to me and I love it because I can always find it. people are less likely to walk off with it for fear of looking silly.)

So a quart of custom paint, 4 sets of drawer pulls from Ikea and a weekend, I now have a great dining room buffet that coordinates with my jelly cabinent(stores all my candles and holders) and my couch. It holds all my table linens and a really big selection of paper cocktail napkins (guess I need to host a cocktail party or 2. What are you doing Saturday night?)

I also made the mirror hanging above the dresser. I used a barn sash, replaced the glass with mirrors, went crazy with the faux painting and now I have a genuine fake antique.