anytime now...

10 days till christmas and it's 43 degrees and partly sunny outside.
Hello, this is Minnesota, we could use a little snow now.

In a an attempt to get in the holiday spirit, we finally got the house decorated.

Last year we put up the little fake tree so Z wouldn't mess with it. And Q and I had no asthma issues (the year previous, we had a real tree and it was a rough go there for a bit.)

Finally decided it was time to buy a faux tree. I spent some time looking for the right one. I prefer my fake stuff to look as real as possible. I found a great one at Michael's, of all places. The description of it is identical to this one but for nearly 1/3 the price. It took no time to set up and our lungs have been quite happy.
I let the kids do all the decorating. I love the ornaments all clumped together and to see how far they can reach. They are getting so tall now.

The stockings are hung and the santa hats are being worn... The Christmas cards are at the printers, I need to finish a few gifts and I think we are ready.

And now some random holiday shots...