3/7 or do I really have to?

Hard to get motivated today. The cold temps are back and it's been very gray. I seem to be solar powered so it's a struggle to want to do anything but stay under the blankets. I cranked the heat in the studio and made sure the full spectrum light was shining almost in my eyes and got to work. I finished the rectangle painting. I like how balanced the negative spaces appear but that's about it. Tomorrow we start on a still life and I  believe that will be in gray scale so I'm thinking I am going to have to play with color when I get home.


I wasn't feeling very creative so I popped over to The Sketchbook Challenge and decided to give this challenge a try. I curled up on the couch and just made marks on paper. I used a micron pen because I may going over it with color at some point but I think a gel roller would feel better and be easier on my hands. I love how the circles look like cells. The repetitive nature of the drawing allowed me to once again clear my mind and just BE. This would be a great project to do with people who say they can't draw. The artist who created the challenge, Carol Sloan, also has a tutorial on using graph paper on your journal pages. This idea would be awesome for people that feel they need structure or need some order in  their lives. Looks like I need to pick up some graph paper soon.


Today's art-ing was a combo plate. I worked on my project for my painting class. The final piece will be of three black rectangles. The idea is that it will help us with future compositions. As I put paint to canvas I became aware of how the brush felt, dragging the paint. I concentrated on creating straight lines. I was focused on what was in front of me and it felt good to be in the moment, forgetting all the regular niggly bits of life for a bit.

"Anything can also be different." -Alfred Adler

"Anything can also be different." -Alfred Adler

Today's image is of the paint on my palette .But it is not black paint. It is made from Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Umber. A great metaphor to help remind us to ask questions and not jump to conclusions.

Seven day art project

As part of my Media Explorations class at Adler, I need to devote 2 hours every day for the next seven days to making art. I have decided to include my blog as part of that challenge. My goal for this site is that it become a resource and inspiration for people involved in art and art therapy. I hope to better define for myself who and what I am to be when I have finished my studies.

Today's art challenge was all about digital photography. I did a mini series of photos using my phone as I walked back from my daughter's bus stop. After that, I messed around with Photoshop and updated the banner on my Etsy shop. I plan to add more things there in the near future. It's time to purge the studio a bit, make room for new art stuff. I also added some art images to the Beaded Art Gallery.

Here's the photo series. A good day for red.