I'm dyeing...

ok, perhaps a tad dramatic but as a Minnesotan I have HAD IT!!!!!! Sure the sun is shining today but we have a snow advisory for parts of the state tomorrow. And the wee little weather man had the balls to mention it was 81 degrees this day last year!

The kids had spring break LAST week and we had a grand time, ran around the city and got a few projects done. For one, the studio is tidy enough for me to actually sew! I made the girls skirts for Easter (looked great with their snow boots and bloody winter jackets) I also have 2 skirts for myself nearly finished.

Over the weekend when we weren't building snow bunnies, we did the egg dyeing thing.

When we were out of eggs I went for the wool felt, it was fun.

And since we are on the subject of dyeing and geez, does this blog need a jolt of color (I won't change the banner until I can go without socks) Here are several batches of buttons I have dyed using RIT dye.