Where the hell have I been...

Hanging out, doing stuff, making art and just being. It's quite refreshing, not having deadlines and just being able to create for fun. I have been making plushies and sock creatures and bascially entertaining my inner child.
Mz. Monica and I are doing a plushie swap and just as I was about to mail mine off to her, I got a great idea for her Pink Artist Community Art Doll so I pulled out the wool and started playing. She has some great folks joining her in this breast cancer fundraising event and I know she will create an amazing piece, this girl's work totally ROCKS!!!!!!!!

Here is the piece I did. The idea behind it is simple. I love breasts. They are soft, beautiful and comforting. Their main reason for existence is to feed a child, which I did with all 3 of my offspring, the second reason is their ability to make men completely stupid. I love the power these girls have.