High winds and and chance of...

panic attacks. Poor Q. He has an over active imagination and is really quite sensitive. A few weeks ago the kids had to sit in the hallway at school for 45 minutes during some severe weather. Ever since, anytime the wind picks up or the skys get gray he freaks and wants to know if there will be a tornado. We have been checking weather radar hourly for several days. yesterday was rainy and the sirens went off! It was the first of the month test but I totally forgot to warn him. He got through it, barely.

So today the forecast included a pretty good chance of severe weather. I thought it would be a good idea to give him a heads up, rather than freaking at school and ending up curled in a ball in the nurse's office. I tried to explain that it was similar to me having all the ingredients to make a chocolate cake here at home but that I probably wouldn't make one. we have the ingredients for a storm: wind shear, humidity and a cold front but we most likely won't have one.

Well... he cried and whimpered and sobbed for a few hours this morning and ran through all sorts of horrble scenarios. The second to last day of school and they were going to go to a movie and have popcorn and everything and he decided to stay home with me and check the weather every 20 minutes.

As of right now, the sky's are still sunny, it's warm and muggy. Maybe i DO need to make chocolate cake. or have a beer.

In other news, Baby Z loves Chicken Masala with brown rice (from trader Joe's), she kept eating from my plate today