I Surrender...

Being an artist and a mom sucks right now so... I am taking a break and just doing the mom thing. I will blog and carve out creative time alone ( I MUST) but I have to give up on the idea of doing it all. Very little product will be produced for awhile. I have a stack of skirts and totes I would like to work on so, That's what I am going to do. Just putter in the studio and the garden. My kids are home for the summer and I need to play camp counselor.

I am no longer able to multitask. Why? Because of brain fog. I was hoping my thyroid was out of whack, then I thought maybe the depression was kicking in or something but after talking with the DR. it turns out I'm in perimenopause, as London Tipton would say "Yay, Me!" and unlike most folks I can not take estrogen, I have some clotting issues, so, I am scaling back, consulting with my chiropracter and acupuncturist, saying "No" to things and trying to chill out.
The upside to all this is that I am getting a great tan and I should have some gorgeous garden photos soon.

Next up, summer haircuts!