I am invoking my right as a Big Sister ...

to brag just a wee bit.
This is my sister's shop in the Lower Haight.

To check out the "Best Of" article:

Best Neighborhood Clothing Shop
Lower Haters
597 Haight (at Steiner), 415.864.6549, www.lowerhater.com
Hours: Tues-Sun 12pm-7pm
"True, the youthful gallery/clothing store Upper Playground is a block away and they, too, love to represent their vibrant Lower Haight digs with a selection of street art and fashion wares that celebrate the area's natural and artificial funkiness. The newer boutique Lower Hater has a similarly rooted aesthetic in DJ/music culture, but it goes just one step beyond by emblazoning their fierce hood pride right on the storefront with a puntastic name. Original items like Lower Hater sticker packs and "4-1-5 Contact High" T-shirts (the latter a brilliant spoof of the '80s PBS television show 3-2-1 Contact) are perfect, hyper-localized finds for travelers who don't want to do the typical touristy thing, even in their mementos of a journey."

How cool is that!

I will be back soon to share msome of our adventures out West. I am also adding pictures to my Flickr pages, loads of flowers and stuff.