I remember being bored, once, a long time ago...

Remember that tarot card I posted awhile back? well, I have had a series of wonderful, exciting possibly life changing things happen since the beginning of April. Starts with the trip to Dallas, great fun to be with hubby and that was when he told me he had quit his job so that he could do the whole self employed bit full time! He is a network analyst and by working for a variety of clients he will be making more $$, setting his hours (some times) and be able to be home a bit more. He's nervous and excited and I am very proud of him for making the jump, so that's news bit #1.
Next I applied for and got a job with the Textile Center as a Textile Mobile Teaching Artist! It's a varied schedule doing all things textile-y. I am super jazzed, this is what I have been wanting to do for a long time now. #2

Also at the beginning of April I was contacted by a segment producer for That' s Clever!, asking me if I would be interested in pitching an idea for their show, um, hell yes!
So I pitched some ideas including doing a Polaroid Transfer and they went for it! So that brings us to news bit #3.
On Monday a crew from HGTV's That's Clever filmed me doing a Polaroid Transfer and then turn it into a fabric postcard. I also did a little 4th act project, creating a fresh herb kitchen witch that we had to call a Kitchen Doll because the network was leary of the term "witch" blah, blah, blah.
Becasue that day was so big and lots of pictures were taken, I shall do a separate post about the experince.
Look for it tomorrow sometime.