We're moving...

the kids' rooms around (gotcha!)

Robyn and Quinn have decided that they would like to share a room again. It all started with Q asking to sleep in the bottom bunk last night. It didn't work out, too much stuff to move but... it got us thinking. What if we switched stuff around and let Z have her own space for awhile. It's been nerve wracking trying to keep her out of Robyn's stuff. So we will be adding some green paint and fun fabrics to the purple stripe room to mod it up and the play down the "girly" feel. We will be putting up a ton of book cases so that everything has a place. Even if this arrangement only works for a few months it will get us over the hump (maybe)

So Z will be in a big bed (we'll lower Q's loft bed) and I get to spend some $$ at IKEA (one of my happy places. Plus one of the few places that has some gender neutral bedding, gods, i hate just "boy" stuff and just "girl" stuff, if you have any resources I would love some more ideas. Now I wish I had picked up that kids bedroom book at the Japanese bookstore in NY)
I will post some "after" pictures but here is what we are working with now...

These are older pix, Robyn sleeps on the top bunk now, we took down the Fairy tent but may try another curatin type thing.
Q's room has built in drawers and a desk, it's tiny but perfect for a tiny person.