and then it got colder...

Yup, it was warmer in your freezer than it is in my backyard, yippee (she says, her voice dripping in sarcasm)
but I'm going on a little vaca so I don't really care. Not some place warm, but it will be in the 30's and that's warm to me right now. Plus the fabulousness of it all should keep me distracted.

Since I have so much travel coming up this year, new luggage was in order...

and new luggage tags...

These are are inspired by Lori and her mini travel tags she did as trades for artFiberfest.

I also felt I needed a midsize purse/messenger bag/mom thing. I want to carry a few cameras and other bits and my usual travel attache is a tad big (and boring) for all day lugging.

Thus the WAM bag was developed. WAM, Wandering Around Manhatten... 15" x 10" x 3.5" Loads of pockets

even one on the strap for cell phone

We also finished our Mini Swap package but you will have to wait to see the results, the package has to go to Chile. I wonder if I can squeeze into the envelope as well?

FWIW, 27 weeks ago it was 101 degrees here, uff da!