In which we learn how a 2 year old can kick your butt...

I have a sinus infection, again. Probably since I got off the plane from New York, or it's still the one I had BEFORE going to New York.

My toddler, the Ninja baby has decided to go all independent on my ass. Putting on her own clothes, 6-7 times a day; taking her own medicine ( just a wee pill I crush and add to a tiny bite of applesauce), roaming the house and finding any unsecure room to destroy, never mind that she already has the run of half the house and a fully kitted out playroom, baby gates aren't working.
Today she decided to take off her own diapers, especially the poopy ones. I am all for potty training but apparently she has her own method that I am not privy to. There is lots, and I do mean lots, of her raising her hand to me and saying "go way, I do it"
Tonight at dinner she I asked her to eat, and she said no, I asked her again and she said no, and then she smiled and said "I eat". Robyn darn near busted a gut laughing.
Thank goodness my older kids are here. They have been a big help with redirecting and keeping me in lighter spirits. My mom tends to giggle when I call and "complain" apparently I was the same way as a child. Don't get me wrong, I love that she is independent and strong willed, these are qualities that will help her later in life but for now, I am tired.

Call in the grandparents. My wonderful inlaws have agreed to take the wee lass for a few days so I can recover and babyproof the house a bit more. Wish me luck.