New York, Day 3...

Written in the evening by Dulcey, again, amended by me...

"Well, then. I have had a beer, so I'm permitted to type. :) [she gets a little loopy and it's very fun to watch]
We spent the day shopping, I'm going to try to get the right progression of events.... We started the day in Hell's Kitchen flea market, then the Fashion District with trim, fabric and bead stores. We fondled fake fur at $100/yd. Carol introduced us to Tinsel Trading, where we found hanks of vintage sequins[I spent $47 on vintage sequins and some gorgeous ribbons, pix later]. At another trim store, Carol bought $32 of rickrack[so many colors, so little time]. And we have decided buying beads by the single hank is too girlie. We are buying them by the master hank now; this store sold ONLY by the master hank.
Lunch was from an amazing kosher deli. Our sandwiches had probably 3/4 pound of meat in them, the waiter called me "darling." Ben's. Eat at Ben's. Kolaches, ( carol here, we had fried kreplach, remeber she said she had had a beer)pastrami or corned beef on rye -- he says the potato pancakes are great. Matzo dumpling soup will cure all minor ailments.
So, walking somewhere (we hit SoHo, Chelsea, Chinatown, Union Square, Times Square, West Village, and of course, Hell's Kitchen -- several taxi rides and a subway, it starts to blur), we walked by a shoe store that grabbed Carol and MADE her come in. Now she is the proud owner of black rain boots with skulls on them[they totally rock]. She also bought a skull shirt at Yellow Rat Bastard for her husband.
Carol and I learned how to eat New York pizza. Folded, of course. The waiter gave us all real peppers to take home with a recipe for bruschetta. Robbie and I got big peppers, and Marya and Carol got small peppers. We "complained" to the waiter that they got small peppers, he apologized, and Carol told him to never apologize for the size of his pepper. [I am such a smart ass]
Great band in the subway, just missed a Chinese dragon performance in Times Square (the 'legs' were all standing still, and the drums were being put away), we saw some interesting clothes choices.
Becca is here now, having spent the whole day sitting (or standing) in a theatre for tech week. "This light?" "With this filter?" Poor baby, we're giving her treats. She says, "Hi, Bead Art!"
Carol and I go home early tomorrow afternoon. We are both done, stick a fork in us. I think we'll do things in the neighborhood tomorrow."
So this day we walked a bit slower, what with all the window shopping and such, definately harder on the hips but so much fun. I'll take pix of all the goodies sometime soon and post them.

But wait, there's more...