On turning 40...

I have to say... no big whoop.

On Tuesday, the sun rose, just like it always does, the kids woke up smiling and my Diet Coke was waiting in the fridge for me.
I spent the day with my sister and Mom at the MOA, playing hookey. We ate fabulous sushi at Tiger Sushi and wondered what it is about this time of year that makes designers say "hell yes, Lurex is an awesome thing to add to clothing".
For the evening, hubby asked folks to join us at Jimmy's, my new favorite place on the planet. They have this Gorgonzola and Mushroom Gratin shared plate that is to die for!! We had a wonderful array of food and cocktails and even made my dad blush a little bit, and more laughing than should be allowed (especially when you are still coughing up your lungs).
I enjoyed my 30's but I keep hearing from people that the 40's are even better.
I say, Bring it on!