Trick or Treat...

It was a rousing succes! Not too cold. This was Z's first year out and she loved it and was very polite. Robyn had a blast helping her say all the required bits and holding her hand in the dark.

We started the evening with pumpkin soup and sloppy joes at my mom's. My parent's neighborhood is the best for trick or treating. We see the kids we grew up with , with their children and it really turns into a block party.

When we finally got home the big kids had to to the sorting ritual while I put Z to bed. Last year they could keep anything they could get into a gallon ziplock bag.
This year, I gave them quart size instead and they didn't even blink. Anything chocolate that doesn't fit in their bag goes into the MAMA bag and after that we start either throwing it away or I add it to packages I send out.

We love dressing up in our house and the kids have already started thinking about next year. Q noticed some bigger kids running from house to house, not really wearing any costumes, just sports jerseys and he was appalled. I believe his actual words were "how boring!" I love that kid.
We had a chat about how as you get older it isn't really appropriate to Trick or Treat, especially if you don't have a costume. The exceptions being, if you take a younger sibling out or you have a super cool costume.

This is what showed up at my parents toards the end of the evening...

It's a friggin' ghost ship!! We were all very impressed.

Must dash, more festivities tonight and I am the hostess. Just wait till you see what I have been up too!