New York, New York...

A city so nice they named it twice! I will be in Manhatten for a long weekend in just 2 weeks and I am putting together a list of places to shop, photo, eat and admire. I would love some tips from folks. So far on the list:
Chelsea Food and Flower market
York Beads
MJ Trim
Mood, maybe?
Native American Museum
The Daily Show with John Stewart

Does anyone remember which shop had all the cool ribbon and stuff in a MS Living magazine from maybe 10 years ago? Is there an online archive somewhere? was it MJ Trim? I just remember there being loads of vintage stuff, maybe even millinery flowers? Ack. I FOUND it!!!! Thanks to Amy at Angry Chicken, she directed me to and their MarthaDex (I knew I had seen some sort of Martha Index) long story, longer, I did a search using "ribbon emporium" (how VERY Martha) and found it Tinsel Trading!!!

My blog is set up to accept cell pix now so I will be sending fun tid bits while I am away.

Ok, I really need to get back to work.