and then there were two...

We survived the first day of school. It was the hardest on Z

though. Our posse went from 4 to 2, just like that. She wandered around the house sayingg "where's Tinn?, where's Robyn?" She cried some and then got over it, she had ME all to herself.

we cuddled on the couch, she told me to go "nigh,nigh" and cover up with the blanket and she gabbered the whole time. I caught about 40% of what she was saying. After lunch she went down for a nap and I had 3 hours to myself, so what did I do? Took a nap! It was a purely decadant day and I was refreshed enough to deal with the post school day energy and snuggles. I am not one of those moms that gets all sad at the thought of not having her children around all day. I loved school and so do my children. Ask me again when they are off to college, I may change my tune then.

Today after walking the kids to school Z and I headed to my happy place to meet up with my sister and her son. We lunched at IKEA and let the wee ones play in the little berry basket (ball pit) near the dining room tables.

We came home and we napped. I think my allergies are kicking my butt, thus I am so very sleepy and sneezy, thank gods for Zoloft or I would be grumpy too!

We pick up the kids in about half an hour so i am going to try and do something constructive. Tomorrow is an at home, in studio day. you would not believe all the events I have coming up, it's great and a little freaky too!

I love walking to pick up my kids. I lived in Lancaster, England for a year during college and on my way from the city back up to the college, I would go past a primary school and I loved how all the mums were waiting outside to pick up their children and bring them home for tea. I wished that I could do something like that when I finally had kids but most cities here in the metro area bus now, so the luxury of walking is rare. We totally lucked out when we found this house 2 years ago. 2 blocks to the school, a few more and we are at the library or grocery store. We can walk to the theatre or art center as well.

I think this feeling is contentment.