The end is near...

Summer that is and I have to say, I am glad. I enjoy summer and all it's perks but
I heart Autumn! Maybe it's because my birthday is in November or that I love school supplies and new clothes. So I have 1 week left with my 2 oldest and then it will be just me and Z during the weekdays from 9-4. I have great plans to explore with the baby and art while she naps, we will have to see if anything actually happens.

In other news...
I have been working on my Coloriffic Swap.
I made a tote from vinyl and tried doing freezer paper stencils on it. Turned out ok, I really prefer working with fabric, vinyl was tough. I will show more pictures later.
I found a Polaroid Spectra camera at the thrift store for $3.00 so I have been playing with it some, haven't quite the hang of it yet but it's a fun format, slightly bigger than the SX 70 I normally shoot.

And we now have 20 people signed up for the beaded face swap. This is going to be fun. I plan on playing with some new (for me) media.

Sorry this post is so random but it really does reflect how my brain has been working lately.