Out west 2...

Finally Blogger is playing nice. Here are my pieces from Mary Stanley's class.

Friday night was the Vendor night and I just want to give a shout out to all the folks that stopped by and spent some $$ with me, it was so crazy I didn't get a chance to chat with everyone and that's one of my favorite parts. I promise to have some more Goddess a Go Go kits up at etsy soon ish.

Saturday I had a class with DJ Pettitt We created a fun hand bag using a cool technique that involves lots of tar gel and hot irons. I love DJ's art, it's cool yet wistful with a hint of sass and she is a goddess when it comes to collage and free motion embroidery. If you ever have a chance to take a class I highly recommend it, she is very generous with her knowledge and her time. Here is the finished bag I did, I found the green velvet at the thrift store right before I left for Seattle, too perfect. When it's open there are 2 pockets inside. I may add some more embellishment but for now I am going with a cleaner look, again it's that Scandinavian thing.

Saturday night I ate out with Lelainia, Diane , Sarah and Sheba at Fat Burger (horrible name but a really good burger and the onion rings are divine) and then we popped back for show and tell, what an amazing amount of art was created in 3 days, Lelainia has some great photos of all the show and tell, go take a peek. Leter that night I packed up and wandered the halls chatting with all my new friends but ofcourse hardly got any emails or anything, i am so bad at that. Some of you have emailed me or posted here so i will try to get everybody straight in my address book but I DO have 3 kids so my mental capacities are sometimes stretched to the limit.
I still had a day and half left in Seattle so stay tuned, it gets um...interesting (grin)