It's been a bit since I posted so to bring you up to speed...we started swimming lessons, Robyn had her dance rectial, Q spent all of Friday in the ER (he's fine now), we had a lame father's day (sorry, honey) I taught at the hospital, we went back to swimming lessons, some small woodland creature has been chewing through our cable line so I have been without internet for 3 days, (it's fixed now temporarily, they have to come out sometime and buried the new cable), Z is teething and spiking a temp and I am finishing art and packing for artFiberfest. I leave tomorrow at 7 AM,
look out Seattle, here I come! And I will be having a cocktail on the plane, I don't care if it's breakfast time, it's happy hour somewhere in the world.

Be good while I am gone and if you are in the Seattle area, come out on Friday (see the post below) and make sure you stop and say HI!