Puddle Stomping...

baby Z got to stomp in her first puddles tonight. we haven't had as much rain as out east but we have been having Seattle's weather and they have ours, ewww!
I am a firm believer in rubber boots so we have them in every size and several colors, mine are yellow too.

I don't knit (I have way too many hobbies and supplies already) but doesn't this picture make you want to learn...

Z is very taken with knitted fruit hats right now, as in , she must have one at all times( she currently has a strawberry/raspberry, eggplant and green apple). I have enlisted my MIL to make a pumpkin one and maybe some other fruit, it's so cute, i could just melt!

Hope everyone had a great mother's day. I had french toast and lovely hand made gifts in the morning before heading out for lunch with my sis and our mom.
Did a little thrifting afterwards, scored roller skates for Robyn and another Polaroid camera for myself. Then I taught at the hospital and came home to enjoy some Chipolte goodness and a beer. Kids had really cleaned the house up, and hubby cleaned the kitchen floor, all in all, it was a good day!