My chives. One of three plants, they are all 3 inches tall already. The garlic chive is just starting to peek out. It may finally be Spring. I spent a little bit of time last night pulling out some dried bits from the herb garden, it felt so good to be puttering out there. The moist soil, the dried curry and peppermint plants, it smelled so good.
Gardening is going to be a little tough this year. Z is so fast and so adventurous, I may spend all my time chasing her, unless we can get a fence. The yard's too big to pay some some one to install it so we may try doing it ourselves, with help from my handyman dad.
Z got away from Robyn last night, just as I turned my back to put something away and had just finished the " we have to keep an eye on Zara this summer" speech and Z ran right in front of Q who was on the swings. Ouch. but she popped right up and got hit by the return swing. Like I said, she moves super fast, and we all learned a bit of a lesson. She's fine today and I will have the chiropractor adjust her on Friday just for good measure.