You 're gonna wish you lived in Minneapolis...

Last night was a frickin' blast!Not much of a crowd so the smoke wasn't too bad. We had a great table, you know the one where the friends of the band always sit. We drank beer, played $20 worth of pull tabs. Sort of a ritual more than anything. Well...this time we WON $206! Beer and food covered for the night.
The guys sounded tight, they rocked it. The second band was good, all folks in their 50's. Female lead singer, did your classic adult contempory. Final band of the night. 17 and 18 yo heavy metal rockers playing original stuff. Good, and with age and experince could be awesome, especially if you enjoy death metal.
Coolest Wife Award goes to the bassist's wife. They had a baby about a month ago. Still not ready to leave the tyke in the care of a stranger, she packed him up in the van and sat outside the back door listening to the band. We didn't even know she was there, until after, if we had we would have gone out and chatted and brought onion rings. Here's to a chick who totally supports her hubby!
Coolest Mom Award goes to Rob's mom. She came out and hung with us and listened to her boy kick butt. Half way through the second band I realized I needed to leave so my dad (the sitter) could go home but I really, really wanted to see the junior headbangers, so... my awesome MIL, went to my house and stayed with the kids until midnight so I could continue to listen and have another beer. Thank you!!!!

BTW, Famous Last Words WON!!!!! And will be in the final Smack Down, next Wednesday. same time, same local.

How bad do you want to party with me?!? (silly evil grin)