Skirting the issue...

I made a skirt! This is a test skirt, I made the pattern from one of those H&M skirts and it worked! Next I wil have a go with that cityscape fabric. I will not be making it as a half circle skirt however, NOT a good look on my body shape. This modified A line should do nicely though. Sorry for the bad lighting but I wasn't up to posing for the kids and having them snap the picture, so it's just me in the bedroom and the flash.

I shall be off line for a few days. Tomorrow I am having sinus surgery and plan on feeling lousy for a few days. I have stocked up on magazines and matzo ball soup, I plan to watch a fair amount of HGTV as well.
I have had several knee surgeries and given birth 3 times, but this time I am just a tad freaked out by all of it because well, it's my FACE!

Here's hoping for fewer sinus infections and no more snoring.
See ya!