Retail Therapy...

My sis and I got to go out Saturday night. We decided we needed spring clothes so we headed to the Mall o' America, in Bloominton, MN. Started with some drinkie poos and nibblies at California Cafe and on to shopping, scored some great linen blend skirts at H&M, a tad plain but a great shape, I "could" do some embroidery on them but I doubt I will get to it.This is a big deal for me because I never fit into their stuff. I also found a long sleeve t shirt in turquoise, makes my eyes sparkle.
Found super cute sandals at Old Navy, again, a huge deal, because cute shoes in size 11, is always tough.
We had a blast wandering around looking at a lot of expensive ugly, what is up with those Baby Phat handbags, ewww!

Ok, so yesterday, I dropped the big kids at school and went to the chiropracter's. Afterwards I couldn't face going home so the baby and I hit a local mall. I picked up new polos for spring and summer that are actually cute with a hint of sexy, seriously. They fit like a dream and have six buttons so there is a lot of neck exposed. The 2 super dark colors are chocolate brown and navy. I still plan to whip up some skirts in a few of those Quilt Gate Japan fabrics from Cia's Palette.

And then I found the sweetest shoes, Faux chuck taylors at Target. They are chocolate brown with a pink and brown polka dot lining . I love Chuck Taylors but since the kids were born my feet have gotten a little too wide for them, these are delightful.

For all practical purposes I am a soccer mom I just don't want to dress like one, so here's to a hip spring and when the weather cooperates, I'll have one of the kiddoes snap some photos of this rockin mama.