Zippers for Z...

baby Z LOVES zippers. She could zip for hours. So, I made her a zip blanket. Just sewed some zippers onto a fleece backed piece of fabric (a thrifted table cloth, love that melon color) and backed with some wild batik. I added ribbon pulls for extra leverage and texture. She figured out right away that she had to hold the opposite side of the blanket to pull the zip and she just goes back and forth for minutes at a time. Now, to get someone to make a lightswitch box for her and she would be all set. Her latest words are "ball", "baby" and the ever so sweet, "hiya daddy".
Crazy week here, short one for the kids because of conferences and on Saturday Q turns 6! Kids party in the am and family here in the pm. I am so glad I have spring and fall babies, it's the only way my house gets truly clean twice a year. I waxed the linoleum yesterday, ordered groceries online, made pizza crusts (in the bread machine) for the party, vacuumed, read some blogs, did laundry and started the kids goodie bags. Today I start gathering the supplies for our party craft, we are making felt finger puppets! I used to hate felt and then I discovered wool felt and life is so much better.

All the stuff I did yesterday made me really appreciate technology and how it did allow me to get more done and all the while listening to my iTunes. Yes, I am a "housewife" but what a time to be a "housewife". Remember on 1900 House, how it took all day to do one load of laundry? or Pioneer House how all day was spent, cooking and preparing for winter, every day?

Life is good!
(go have some fun!)