Why do I blog?

Lisa asked the question Why Do We Blog?

I started a blog, partially so I can use it to "journal" some of my projects and for my in laws to see what exactly it is that I do all day. I am embarking on a year long project in November and I plan to blog the experience. I have never been very good at keeping handwritten journals, but I love working on the computer so this seems a good fit for me. As I get more into this blog world, I plan to participate in more "events", especially Self Portrait Tuesday and Corners Of My House.

I have not met Lisa but I have enjoyed reading her blog. I have been enjoying reading many blogs lately as you can see by my list of links. What surprises me is that there are so many women who are just like me; Stay at Home Moms trying to raise fun and interesting children, create art, find joy in the little things of everyday life. I love reading their adventures and gleaning new ideas to try. I love seeing other people create art, using supplies I totally appreciate (the vintage stuff is so fun!)
And it's not just the moms, it's all the fiber artists out there creating and sharing their process. Thank you for sharing who and what you are, it helps me be better at who I want to become.