Random acts of Gnome-ing

As the weather starts to turn warmer and Spring pretends to be around the corner, I would like to introduce you to the very silly and rewarding concept of random gnome-ing. Ok, it's not really random if you do your friends, to truly be random, you must inflict them on total strangers, which could be a lot of fun.
I bought several terracotta gnomes (tomten), from IKEA (love them) last spring and painted their hats and then placed them in my friend’s gardens, without telling them. Later on I got calls saying ”I’ve been gnomed!” And since I am one of the sillier friends, they assumed it was me It’s great fun and may become an annual tradition. I highly recommend the practice and it's great fun to involve the kids. Garden art ROCKS!

Here are the little guys with painted hats, awaiting their travelling instructions. That's Flat Becca hanging with them, she's from New York.

And here they are , installed.

Here's one that Robyn did...