I'm weird but I am saving up to be eccentric...

I was tagged by Lori to share 6 weird things about myself. Only 6 huh? 'K, here goes...

1. I am not allowed to donate blood because of Mad Cow disease (I lived in England in 1988/89)

2. I get really agitated when things don't coordinate. It shouldn't match but there should be harmony.

3. I don't like breakfast food, I prefer to eat sandwiches and the like for breakfast.

4. I always seem to be the one to have to change a roll of toilet paper, always! I have changed rolls in hotels, planes, every one of my friend's houses and in the bathroom of the labor and delivery room when my nephew was being born.

5. I like cold Spagettios, right from the can.

6. On road trips, I always read the billboards out loud, usually with a funny voice. Fun with friends, apparently annoying to everyone else.

Ok, I tag anyone who has not done this list yet, yes, that means YOU!