I finally picked up the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors and I was so happy that I did. I haven't read it cover to cover yet. I prefer to scan it first and then go back and read everything. It makes it last longer. I do this with all my art magazines.

However, I did read the article by Katie Kendrick fully. I found her via a link recently, I think it was from tatterededge and I FELL IN LOVE with her dolls. The faces are divine. Well in the latest issue she suggests painting faces on pages of the phone book, using your non dominant hand. I was strapped for time so i just grabbed a sheet of paper and an ink pen but whoa, that was FUN. I could seeing do more and more and finding faces that work for upcoming dolls. I have been trying to draw more and it is quite liberating, I must say. go try it now and don't think too hard.