Do it Best!

We stopped at a hardware store the other night, and they had free little notebooks. The kids each took one. On the way home, Robyn declared that she would list all the things she did best in hers. She's 8 and has a great sense of self, I plan to help her nurture that and keep it going!

So, in honor of Robyn's list, here's mine...

1. I make a wonderful pork satay.
2. My arms are long enough to hug all my kids at once.
3. I make my husband smile.
4. I can make anyone look good in a photo.
5. I can make my girlfriends laugh so hard they gasp for air.
6. I always have the ingredients on hand to make magic wands.
7. I can untie all kinds of knots.
8. I can usually find what ever item has gone missing.
9. I appreciate and encourage silly.

Robyn's List