Be BOLD!!!

I had to take a break from website building today. The learning curve with the new software is huge and my brain is tired. So to relax I finished the binding on a wee art quilt. It's only 6"x7". The words read "Be Bold! Life is too short to worry what the neighbors might think!" I need to add more beads becasue, well, more is MORE! I love this size and may do a series based on giving yourself permission, you know, be bold, screw up, play, be. that kind of stuff.
I am always amazed at folks who don't let themselves have fun. I taught a class this weekend at the hospital and the mom of one of the patient's was the last to finish, it was the first time in a while she had played with paper and inks and just let go. Come on people, you must play, if you don't you end up a shriveled, boring person with no sparkle, we all NEED sparkle.

I here by give permission to anyone reading this to go and...
A. Jump in a puddle
B. make a snow angel
C. use crayons in a coloring book from the drug store
D. make up your own play

JUST GO DO IT!!!!!!!!