Did I mention I make dolls...

Yup, I make dolls. Not the cute porcelain kind that sit on a shelf but the funky, wild dolls that not everyone understands. I did this doll for a silent auction to benefit Ammala, a great dance troupe and group of friends. It's called Leap.
It is about 18" tall, made of stuffed muslin, that was rubber stamped and then sealed with 4 coats of gel medium. For the first time ever, I did fingers, they turned out pretty cool.

I also recently completed my first themed set of doll forms. Someone asked if I had "Element" dolls. I had just been using what ever form spoke to me at the moment but I decided to see if I could create a coordinating set, they turned out swell and will soon be avaible on my website. All are about 5" tall.

To see more of my art dolls, you can look here.