Hello there and welcome to my website.

I am Carol J. Strand.
I am a mother, a teaching artist, an enabler of silliness and a graduate student studying to be an art therapist when I grow up (yeah, right).

 I have been granted an opportunity to begin again, in my life and with this site. They are both "a work in progress."

I have been creative my entire life. I am blessed with two very cool parents who have a variety of talents. I  grew up in the 70's, when there was a great craft renaissance and a return to handmade goods. I think I tried nearly every art form popular during that time. My favorites were embroidery, sewing,  fabric dyeing and photography. I have returned to these art forms and included some new ones as well. Bead work, jewelry design and costuming have now been added to my list of favorites.  I call myself a mixed media artist so that I can indulge all my talents and justify my collection of art supplies.